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TAG Heuer: Smartwatches and U.S Success with Patrick Dempsey

This year TAG Heuer celebrated the 100th running of the Indy 500 with customized Connected dials. This is just one of the many partnerships the watchmaker has. Because of the unimaginative Apple watch and TAG Heuer’s rich history, the company continues to dominate in 2016.

TAG Heuer Connected

TAG Heuer Connected with Indy 500 Dial

At this year’s Timecrafters, TAG Heuer had their smartwatch, the Connected on hand with specialized Indy 500 dials. TAG Heuer brand ambassador Patrick Dempsey, actor and professional racecar driver, inaugurated their booth on opening night. His presence at the event marked a special occasion, as one year ago he waved the green flag inviting 2015 IndyCar drivers to start their engines for the 99th race.

The 46-millimeter case features a scratch-resistant screenwith an LCD display. The watch features 1 GB main memory and 4 GB of storagememory.

North American President, Kilian Müller said he thought the watches were successful so far because of the customization of apps, and the retention of a static dial. Even when the wearer is not using the watch, the watch has a dial like a normal TAG Heuer timepiece.

Relations in US with Patrick Dempsey

Patrick Dempsey

Although TAG Heuer is a Swiss brand, many people believe the brand to be from the US, Müller says. The spirit of the company resonates with Americans because of their #Don’tCrackUnderPressure attitudes. With celebrity brand ambassadors like Patrick Dempsey and Tom Brady, it’s easy to see why TAG is everywhere.

In addition to football, Patrick Dempsey who is an avid car racer teamed up with TAG Heuer. While Dempsey is currently taking a break from the driver’s seat to spend more time with his family and his other jobs, acting and producing, he maintains close ties with his team, Dempsey-Proton Racing, which is racing a Porsche 911 RSR in the World Endurance Championship season. Still, despite his role this season strictly as an owner, Dempsey recalls how vividly aware he is of time while behind the wheel.

“You have an internal clock that you sense if you are up or down on a lap timer,” he notes. “I also wear a watch so I can see how long my stint is. But you can feel when you’re up and you can feel when you are a bit down. It depends on how you are on your entry into the corner, and on the exit in certain place. You can feel the time. There’s an internal clock that goes on and you know if you’re up or down.”

Dempsey is either all in with racing or his acting career. He says last year, he didn’t do many film projects because he was racing with Porsche and wanted to see where that journey could take him.

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