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G-SHOCK’s Latest ‘MR-G’ is an Ode to Sword Making

(Sponsored post) For the serious G-SHOCK collector, this full-featured limited edition G-SHOCK MR-G MRGG2000GA-1A links historic Japanese metal work to today’s cutting-edge GPS technology. G-SHOCK worked with Japanese swordsmith Sadanobu Gassan to design the center links on this watch’s darkened bracelet.

Born into the famous Gassan family of swordsmiths, Sadanobu Gassan was exposed to the world of swordmaking from a young age. In 1998, he began training with his father, Sadatoshi Gassan.

Gassan began training with his father, Sadatoshi Gassan in 1998, and in 2006 was recognized as a swordmaker by the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs. He currently serves as a director for the All Japan Swordsmith Association. His engraved rasp marks on this G-SHOCK MR-G MRGG2000GA-1A recall the philosophy of the Japanese sword while his inscription on the second link is Gassan’s family ode to sword forging. The inscription is of the first character of the motto of the Gassan family, “Devotion to the forging of swords.”

The watch’s recrystallized titanium case is also meant to recall the look and feel of a tempered blade. Processing titanium materials with heat results in the creation of a unique crystallized pattern on the surface. These represent “nie” (iron particles) on a tempered Japanese sword blade.

"Yasuri-me” (rasp mark) finish is a pattern applied to the tang of a Japanese sword blade to prevent the blade from slipping out of its grip. The second link denotes the Gassan family motto.

As used on MRGG2000GA-1A, the material expresses the color of heated and hardened steel via “koki-murasaki” (deep violet), a traditional Japanese color. G-SHOCK then treats the case with surface processing that grants it a hardness exceeding that of DLC, strengthening its resistance to abrasions.

G-SHOCK’s attention to customized metalwork abounds on the MRGG2000GA-1A. The watch’s bezel is made of a cobalt chrome alloy called Cobarion that boasts a hardness more than twice that of stainless steel and that is said to have the brilliant sparkle of platinum. G-SHOCK has carefully finished the bezel with a crescent-shaped cut and a flawless mirror finish, an expression of the point of a sharpened sword.

Inside of course are all the high-end G-SHOCK specs, including solar-powered GPS and radio-controlled timekeeping.

The MR-G Connected smartphone app allows easy operation of many watch functions and checking the watch's status.

By using the MR-G Connected smartphone link, you’ll have easy operation of various watch functions, including automatic time adjustment and world time in more than 300 cities. The app also allows you to view a graphical display of the time-reception status and the watch’s solar power generation status.

On the side of the case G-SHOCK engraves “2019 LIMITED,” while the caseback includes an inscribed serial number, indicating that this MRGG2000GA-1A is one of 300 such watches in the world. Price: $7,400.


Limited edition model (certified by 300 individual serial numbers in the world)

• Shock-resistant

• GPS-controlled

• Radio-controlled (Multi Band 6)

• Smartphone link functions: automatic time adjustment, easy watch setting (world time for over 300 cities, home time/world time switching, alarm setting)

• Solar-powered

• Auto Hand Home Position Correction

• Hybrid Mount Construction

• Smart Access

• Dual Dial World Time: two-city simultaneous time display

• Stopwatch

• Daily alarm

• LED light (Super Illuminator)

• Magnetic-resistant (ISO 764 standard-compliant)

• 20-bar water resistance

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