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IWC Opens New Manufacturing Facility

IWC has opened a new manufacturing facility near its Schaffhausen, Switzerland, headquarters that for the first time in the company’s history combines movement and case production into one facility.

IWC CEO Christoph Grainger-Herr

IWC Manufacturing Center exterior view main entrance

The 13,500-square-meter facility, which took twenty-one months to build, will house 238 workstations with room for up to 400.

IWC will produce more than 1,500 watch components at the sleek, energy efficient one-story building, including components for the automatic movements of caliber families 52 and 82, the manual-wind movements of caliber family 59 and the chronograph movements of caliber family 69. The facilities are set to allow the full range of movement components to be manufactured, including bottom plates, bridges and oscillating weights, as well as small components including switching levers, springs and latching elements.

Movement parts production

Clean wardrobe movement assembly

Movement assembly line

“The entire process of creating value, from the raw material to the individual movement component and on to the finished manufacture movement progresses in a logical order in a single story,” explains IWC COO Andreas Voll. “The close proximity of the offices and the production facilities also facilitates communication and allows the different departments to coordinate more quickly. I have been dreaming of this ever since I started at IWC back in 2007.”

Incoming goods inspection

The basement of the new manufacture houses the case production department where IWC will make its stainless steel, titanium, platinum, red gold, white gold and bronze watch cases.

Metal bar storage and case production

Visitors will also enjoy the new facility as IWC has created a touring path throughout. The various watchmaking steps are clearly illustrated on information boards and on tables that have been specially set up for the purpose. Watch enthusiasts can even try their hand at adding circular graining to movement components or setting stones.

IWC Visitors room

Statistics: New IWC Manufacture

Gross floor area: 13,500 square meters

Volume: 69,200 cubic meters

Concrete: 14,600 cubic meters

Interior glass element walls: 2650 square meters

Glass façade: 2200 square meters

Steel structural frame of the building: 840 tons

Reinforcing steel: 1063 tons

Departments: Incoming Goods, Logistics, Movement-Component Production, Movement Assembly, Case Production, Case Assembly, Quality Control, Equipment Engineering, IT, Security, Infrastructure

Cleanroom area: 2,223 square meters

Air circulation: 50,000 cubic meters/hour in the cleanroom, 170,000 cubic meters/hour in the building

Solar panels: 2200 square meters/275,000 kilowatt-hours per year

Central oil regeneration system: Total capacity 12,000 liters

Max. output: 960 liters/minute

Workstations: 238/capacity for 400

Construction period: 21 months

Construction companies: 80

Design: ATP architects Zürich, RMA Reichardt – Maas – Assoziierte Architekten Essen

IWC Manufacturing Center exterior view main entrance and southern wing

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