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G-SHOCK Updates a Legend

(Sponsored post) Inspired by the very first G-SHOCK from thirty-five years ago, this newest Full Metal 5000 lineup updates that classic square case and bezel with the all-metal GMWB5000GD. The full-metal hard stainless steel cases and the bezels of these two models have ion-plated finishes in either black (GMWB5000GD-1) or gold (GMWB5000GD-9).

The cases and bands also feature hairline finishes to maximize the elegance and presence of the metal. Light-on-dark LCDs further add to the overall chic look of these timepieces.

Into the classic shape G-SHOCK has built numerous modern technological advances. Unknown thirty-five years ago, two-way time sync is today made possible via Bluetooth Connectivity and the G-SHOCK app, as well as G-SHOCK’s Multi-Band 6 Atomic Timekeeping technology, which provides accurate timekeeping virtually anywhere via radio signals from up to six different transmitters worldwide.

Using the G-Shock App

True to its name, this G-SHOCK incorporates a new, tougher shock resistance. This required a complete redesign of the external structure, including the case, band and buttons. The back covers of the thick screw back cases of these models come with a diamond-like carbon (DLC) finish that is highly wear resistant. A film solar cell that maintains display clarity and an STN-LCD are used to ensure easy reading of display information, even from an angle.

The new shock-resistant structure

The airtight, heavy-duty screw-lock case back replicates the first model’s.

G-SHOCK has also inserted fine-resin cushioning parts between the bezel case and the inner case. Besides achieving a highly accurate fit, this structure responds with reactive force to ease shocks when tiny protrusions in the cushioning material are compressed. And thanks to a three-pronged lug structure, shocks to the connecting pipes and button shafts are dispersed.

Protecting the button shafts from shocks.

The new watch also incorporates a super illuminator LED light and solar battery – rendering it capable of self-charging.

The solar charging system converts any light into power

The LED backlight illuminates the LCD with high-brightness light that detects ambient light in the surroundings automatically, and switches on with a tilt of the wrist in the dark. New features such as fade in/out and LED light add further versatility. Price: $550.

Other cutting-edge technology and features in the G-SHOCK GMWB5000GD-1 and GMWB5000GD-9 include:

- Automatic time adjustment (4 times/day)

- World Time city setting: Over 300 cities preset as original points.

- Time & place: Stamping of current time/location on a map in the app with watch button operation.

- Reminder: Notification by the watch of scheduled dates. Blinking and title display + luminescent color changes when illuminated.

- Easy watch setting: Home Time/World Time display switching, Timer/daily alarm setting, Local calendar setting (day of week in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian; month/date display switching)

- Phone Finder

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