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A Red MB&F Aquapod Surfaces

MB&F’s jellyfish-inspired Horological Machine No. 7 Aquapod today re-surfaces with a new platinum case, a clear sapphire tourbillon bridge and newly sculpted titanium numerals. These substantial aesthetic and technical alterations pale, however, in comparison to the new crimson red rotating bezel.

With these alterations, the HM7 Platinum Red appears lighter than the 2018 green-bezel edition and the debut examples in blue and black. While technically weightier than the earlier titanium-cased models, this premier platinum-cased HM7 is designed to project ‘floating’ numerals more fitting to jellyfish than even the original design from 2017. And indeed those titanium numerals are lighter than the previous aluminum ring bezel.

That clarity extends to the sixty-second flying tourbillon at the center, which is now fully visible thanks to MB&F’s switch from metallic titanium battle axe bridge to a clear sapphire bridge.

Red & Sea

The new bezel color, quite visible on any wrist, plays a new role in MB&F’s playful Aquapod origin story.

Red is the first color to disappear in the ocean depths thanks to its lower light spectrum waves. “This is why you find a higher concentration of red sea creatures in the deepest waters — being red makes them almost invisible to predators.

Deep-sea jellyfish often have red stomachs as a form of protective camouflage, as their transparent bodies would otherwise allow predators to spot them via their stomach contents,” explains MB&F.

The technical profile of the MB&F HM7 Aquapod remains as it was when it debuted. The vertically arranged movement with, from bottom to top, the winding rotor, mainspring barrel, hour and minute indications, and flying 60-second tourbillon, is concentrically mounted around the central axis. Hours and minutes are supported by specially developed oversized ceramic ball bearings.

Thus, energy travels from the titanium/platinum rotor at the very bottom of the movement to the flying tourbillon regulator at the very top via gearing acting like a series of stairs, allowing power to transition from one level to the next.

The newly lightened unidirectional bezel actually floats outside the case with the watch’s two crowns located between the bezel and case. The left crown winds the movement if needed and the right-side crown is for setting the time.

Fitted with a platinum case, bezel and buckle, the MB&F HM7 Platinum Red will be made in a limited series of 25 pieces, each presented with three interchangeable straps (red, white and black) in aircraft-grade rubber. Price: $165,000.

MB&F HM7 AQUAPOD Technical Details

Limited edition: Platinum 950 with red sapphire crystal bezel (25 pieces)



Case: 53.8 mm x 21.3 mm platinum 950, water resistant to 50 meters.

Strap & buckle: Rubber bracelet molded in aircraft-grade elastomer, delivered in three colors, red, black and white, with folding buckle in platinum.

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