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MB&F Unveils T-Rex, a Clock with Legs

As MB&F explained earlier this year when displaying its ‘Tom & T-Rex’ co-creation (with L’Epee 1839) for the Only Watch charity auction in November, the Jurassic-themed clock also served as an announcement for a new series of clocks called T-Rex. Today, MB&F launches T-Rex, a beast of a clock that stands nearly one-foot tall and is made from more than 200 hand-finished components of palladium-plated brass and bronze, stainless steel and Murano glass.

As the eleventh co-creation with L’Epee, T-Rex was born more specifically from a two-Max mind meld. MB&F founder Max Büsser worked with designer Maximilian Maertens, who examined genuine Tyrannosaurus Rex bones when devising the legs for T-Rex. The idea sprung initially from Büsser, according to MB&F, when he referenced a desk-borne, whimsical holiday sculpture made to resemble bird legs holding an ornament.

“I just had the idea to do something with dinosaurs, and Max (Büsser) was very interested in biomechanical designs at the time, so we melded these two sources around his little desk sculpture and took the next step,” Maertens explains in a press release.

Here, the clock’s ‘legs’ bear more than a passing resemblance to those that powered the real tyrannosaurus across a smoldering earth. Between them lies a surprisingly minimalistic two-hand dial that almost glows thanks to colorful hand-blown Murano glass in deep blue, red or green.

Behind the dial and suspended in an open sphere between the dinosaur’s two legs, L’Epée’s in-house eight-day power reserve movement forms the heart of MB&F’s latest mechanical creature. At the top of the hand-wound movement and quite visible through the skeletonized clock body surrounding it, is a balance beating at a stately 18,000 vph. The eight-day power reserve is rewound directly via the barrel axis seen at the back of the movement. The user sets the time using the same key, though through the center of the dial.

L’Epée’s in-house eight-day power reserve movement forms the heart of T-Rex, MB&F’s latest mechanical creature

As with the original T-Rex, this latest MB&F co-creation clock with L’Epee 1839 will quickly become extinct. MB&F is making only three limited editions of 100 pieces each in deep blue, green or red. Price: CHF 22’500, or approximately $23,000.

Specifications: MB&F T-Rex

Hours and minutes


Dimensions: 265 mm tall x 258 mm x 178 mm

Total components (movement + body): 201

Weight: approximately 2kg


Dial: Murano hand-blown glass

Materials: stainless steel, palladium-plated brass and bronze

Finishing: polishing, satin-finishing and sandblasting

Body components: 63


L’Epée 1839 movement, designed and manufactured in-house, balance frequency: 2.5 Hz / 18,000 vph, power reserve of 8 days, 138 components. Time setting: winding key to both set the time (in the centre of the dial) and wind the movement (on the barrel axis at the back)

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