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Alexandre Meerson makes watches for customers who appreciate craft without the need for recognition and desire subtlety over crass signals of success.

Alexandre Meerson

Born and raised in Paris, designer and brand namesake Alexandre Meerson continues a long-standing family tradition and legacy in haute couture and fashion. As a designer, he was involved early on with the family watch and jewelry business. This experience laid the groundwork for a curriculum vitae that led Meerson to work with some of the world’s best-known fashion brands, including those from the stables of luxury fashion at Richemont, LVMH and others.

Edge of convention

Meerson set out to explore the unique relationship between a watch and its owner. He designs timepieces for “people who create their own luck, and do what is not expected of them.” Meerson thrives on the edge of convention. His unrelenting search for individuality means he personally oversees every detail from design to manufacturing. He is obsessed with creating the unique experience embodied in owning a Meerson watch.

Clearly Meerson watches are crafted to appeal to self-actuated personality types; those who that have matriculated beyond the herd and have left behind the need for the social approbation ascribed to recognized brands and archetypes. Meerson watches are not necessarily unique pieces, but a Meerson customer is definitely a rarity and has an appreciation of craft without the need for recognition, and a desire for subtlety over crass signals of success.

The watches

Each Meerson series evokes a particular design ethos. While the D15 GMT develops its façade with geometry and a functional tool/sport watch effect, the Altitude is purity incarnate. In both cases the minutia might be missed at first glance, but Meerson’s attention to detail is evoked by exacting precision in execution as well as an overall sense of balance.

Meerson’s sportier GMT watches may appear robust and bold at 44mm, but crafted in grade 5 titanium with polished and satin finishes, the watch is light on the wrist and remarkably comfortable thanks to its slim 10.5mm profile and curved sapphire crystal back.

Perhaps the ultimate in less is more, the Altitude Premier disposes of all excess and what remains is near perfection. Applied markers and numerals surround hands that are asymmetrically peaked along the long axis in order to capture and reflect light in a new way. These unusual hands glide effortlessly over dials cast in a palette of colors cast without interference by artifice or excess.

Custom designs are also a favorite of Meerson, who is always ready for the challenge. Whether using established watch making métier des arts like grand feu enamels, or creating new effects with hand-enameled and mirrored dials, Meerson has already shown a playful side with horological interpretations of classic pop art icons.

Although Meerson watches are heavily entrenched in finish and design, the mechanisms within are also treated with care with both hand and machine finishing applied to finely regulated Swiss engines. These vary by design but each is regulated for accuracy, decorated for appearance, and appreciated for provenance.

You can view Meerson watches, and even arrange to meet Alexandre Meerson personally to design your own timepiece, by contacting our Leading Watch Retailer Armstrong Rockwell Jewelers in Hartford, CT at (860) 246-9858 or e-mail them at info@armstrongrockwell.com

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