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American Pride: US-Based Watch Companies

To celebrate Independence Day, iW presents a selection of United States-based watch companies. Some produce their watches on American soil, while some host minimal production in America. Either way, these companies are boosting the 240-year old country’s horological reputation around the world.


Bulova Moon Chronograph Watch

One of the most popular American brands, Bulova began when Joseph Bulova opened his watch store on Maiden Lane in downtown Manhattan. The watch company is now owned by Citizen and is partnering with the Grammy Awards this year.

Deep Blue

Deep Blue Daynight Rescue T-100 Tritium

Just as its name implies, Deep Blue, which was founded in 2007, makes innovative watches for diving the depths—from 300 to 3,000 meters—with water resistance and dependability as two of its primary goals.

Detroit Watch Company

Detroit Watch Company 1701 Series, 44mm Multi-Function

Patrick and Amy Ayoub design and create watches for the Detroit Watch Company. Each watch celebrates the history of Detroit and all of the timepieces are designed and assembled there.


DEVON Star Wars Limited Edition

Creative Director, designer and artist Scott Devon is the soul of Devon. The company celebrates the American spirit in all of its watches. With their cool Star Wars partnership in 2016, the watch brand is growing fast.


Luminox Navy SEAL 3003

Creating a watch for the Navy SEALs put Luminox on the map. After that design was created, the watchmaker continued to produce work for the US military including the Air Force and Army. It continues to innovate and fulfill different collaborators’ needs.

RGM Watches

RGM Watches Pennsylvania Tourbillon

American watchmaker Roland G. Murphy founded the RGM watch company in 1992 in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania. Murphy’s forte is in his deep respect for the traditions of fine watchmaking, which is evident in every timepiece.

Weiss Watch Company

Weiss Watch Company Field Watch Deep Red Dial

This watchmaker’s tagline is “Restoring prestige to American Watchmaking.” Weiss designs and builds its watches by hand in Los Angeles, California. Each one is assembled in America using American and Swiss components. The head watchmaker is Cameron Weiss, who is certified from the Nicolas G. Hayek Watchmaking School and who trained at Audemars Piguet and Vacheron Constantin.

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