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New G-SHOCK MUDMASTER is Ready for a Summer Road Trip

(Sponsored post) Now with a new case design, the G-SHOCK MUDMASTER GGB100-1A3 also includes new sensors and an emphasis on G-SHOCK’s innovative Carbon Core Guard construction.

Carbon Core Guard, which G-SHOCK is incorporating into several new models this year, integrates the carbon case and stainless steel and/or resin back cover into a single unit that protects the timekeeping module within from external shock. As a bonus, these protections have made it possible for G-SHOCK to eliminate the familiar guard parts from the buttons on the sides of the case.

G-SHOCK uses high-tech carbon fiber here because it’s a perfect material to use to build an ultra-tough watchcase. Carbon has ten times the strength of iron at one-fourth its weight, and acquires excellent shock absorption.

The new green-strapped MUDMASTER GGB100-1A3 revels in its new carbon insert sheath by exposing the familiar carbon fiber pattern (often found on racecars) within the bezel. G-SHOCK coats the top layer of the bezel with a clear fine resin to expose its carbon fiber insert bezel. On the back, the GGB100-1A3 features a stainless-steel panel that keeps the watch airtight, as well as a fine resin caseback to retain its shock resistance.

In perfect MUDMASTER style, the caseback design is inspired from the gasoline tanks carried on off-road vehicles often used on rough roads.

Within this tough exterior, G-SHOCK now includes quad sensors, one of those an accelerometer for step tracking. Other sensors include those that read direction, atmospheric pressure and temperature.

Many additional features make the GGB100-1A3 the perfect watch to accompany you on your next road trip. Enabled thanks to the G-SHOCK Connected app, these include:

• Mission Log function: The altitude measured by the watch and the course obtained from a smartphone’s GPS are automatically recorded to an app. An altitude point can be manually acquired and plotted on the map.

• Calorimeter: By measuring altitude and step count, the watch can calculate calories burned by taking into account altitude variations.

• Location Indicator: Records current location in an app. Display shows recorded destinations by the seconds hand, and the distance on the LCD.

• Mode/display switching customization

• Automatic time adjustment

• Automatic altitude adjustment

• World time for over 300 cities

• Phone Finder

The G-SHOCK MUDMASTER GGB100-1A3 is available at G-SHOCK retailers, including select Macy’s, jewelers, gshock.com, and the G-SHOCK Soho Store. Price: $350.

Specifications: G-SHOCK MUDMASTER GGB100-1A3

• Shock-resistant

• Mud-resistant

• Smartphone link functions (see above)

• Digital compass

• Altimeter

• Barometer

• Thermometer

• Step counter

• Sunrise/sunset time display

• World Time

• 1/100-second stopwatch

• Daily alarm

• Auto double LED lights (Super Illuminator)

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